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Welcome to Imcon Edge – You Gateway to Global Connectivity! 

Are you tired of limited Internet options in your area? Do you run a business in a rural or underserved market, craving reliable and high-speed connectivity? Look no further than Imcon Edge – the beacon of connectivity for those who have been overlooked by traditional providers.  


Imcon Edge stands as a testament to our commitment to “Connect the Planet.” We believe that everyone, regardless of location, deserves access to fast and reliable Internet. Whether you’re in a remote village, a small business owner, or a market in need of connectivity, Imcon Edge is here to bridge the digital divide.  


Say goodbye to the frustrations of satellite Internet and embrace the speed and reliability of Imcon Edge. With speeds of up to 500mbps downloads, we offer blazing-fast connectivity that rivals urban areas. And the best part? Imcon Edge can often function where traditional providers can’t, bringing Internet access to even the most remote locations. 


Imcon Edge is brought to you by Imcon International Inc., a global leader in Internet and communications solutions. With a proven track record of connecting communities worldwide, Imcon International has utilized Imcon Edge to bring Internet access to locations spanning from Australia to Liberia, Africa to Chile, South America! 


Join us in our mission to “Connect the Planet” with Imcon Edge. Experience the power of connectivity, no matter where you are. Contact us today to learn how Imcon Edge can transform your digital experience! 


Imcon Edge 5G Mobile Data Router 


Enjoy fast and reliable internet in rural areas with the Imcon Edge Router. Compact and easy to set up, you could be enjoying up to 5G speeds in your rural location in minutes. Ideal for boosting online gaming sessions, streaming video in 4K, or hosting smooth and seamless video conferencing with minimal lag and low latency. 

Experience the future of connectivity with our cutting-edge Imcon Edge 5G Router, designed to deliver lightning-fast 5G speeds to even the most remote locations. No longer will rural communities be left behind in the digital age – our router brings the latest in wireless technology to your doorstep. Enjoy minimal latency where lag and buffering no longer a problem. 

The Imcon Edge 5G Router ensures a smooth and responsive online experience, perfect for streaming, gaming, video conferencing, and more. Enjoy the benefits of a high-speed connection without compromising on reliability. 

This powerful router goes beyond just speed. With expansive Wi-Fi coverage, you can now blanket your entire property with a strong and stable connection. Whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or on the edge of your property, stay connected effortlessly with a network that adapts to your lifestyle. 


WHY CHOOSE Imcon Edge ?




Enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Unlimited data
  • No throttling
  • Up to 4K video streaming
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Portable internet service
  • No contracts

No credit checks

Nearby LTE or 5G Tower(s) broadcast the wireless signal where the LTE or 5G Gateway picks up the wireless signal and provides internet connectivity for all of your internet devices. You can also connect your internet devices via Ethernet (x4) or Wi-Fi.

We offer lightning-fast Wi-Fi​ plans for home, business, or while on-the-go so you can enjoy reliable high-speed internet wherever you are!

  • Experience the fastest unlimited data mobile Wi-Fi plans. Stream your favorite movies with no buffering!
  • Connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including streaming and gaming.
  • Use our mobile Wi-Fi at home, at the office or on the go. Perfect for traveling on vacation or business trips.
  • Imcon Edge mobile Wi-Fi works on the fastest-growing LTE and 5G networks. Strong LTE/5G frequencies provide fast Wi-Fi.

If you have bad credit, no problem. No credit check is required.

Subject to the data available in your plan, yes, you can stream video in up to 4K on 5G and up to 1080 resolution on LTE.

Because the service runs off a 5G/LTE connection, the latency response (typically ~10ms on 5G and <75 ms on LTE ) is ideal for most gaming applications.





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