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Educational Internet Backpack

Core Backpack with standard connectivity and hardware

  • Satellite Receiver
  • WiFi – Router
  • 2 x LoRaWan devices
  • 2 x Mobile Phones

Backpacks delivered may not come in color shown.

Educational package

  • 10 pack mobile devices per pack
  • Backpack Server for content storage and development

Imcon’s Internet Backpack empowers the world:

One connection at a time.

The Imcon Internet Backpack provides immediate connections to communications networks allowing users to communicate with the rest of the planet from the most remote locations.

  • Under any circumstance, it provides you and your devices with connectivity across a variety of different networks. Whether you are near WiFi or other unlicensed frequencies, or whether connections happen over 3G/4G/LTE networks, satcom, and hardwired networks, you will never be out of range. The Backpack can also integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices for countless uses that require connections in distant locales.
  • The Backpack uses Narrow Band Utilities and Imcon Mobile App combined, an open-source distributed edgeware system also known as Imcon International Platform running on cloud and mobile devices, to allow users to interact with each other and with other systems through ‘Gridlets’. The Imcon International Platform is GmPRS capable and can run with other networks, such as LoRaWAN, UMTS, LTE, Bluetooth Off-grid mesh, and others, with the ability to adapt to network conditions. The Gridlets are developed through web technology tools (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and can interact with Narrow Band Utilities Server and native features through the Imcon Mobile App Library written in Java and which interface is available in JavaScript.
  • Running on the Imcon Internet Backpack, it is a reliable storage system since edgeware uses Blockchain technology when dealing with data from IoT and Identity propagation for off-grid usage. The Backpack itself contains a variety of devices interoperating seamlessly across the Imcon Communications Framework. The redundant batteries and the solar charger included allow you to maintain connectivity wherever you are.

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