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Imcon International Launches Direct-to-Consumer Marketing & Distribution Strategic Initiative

New Agreement with Dropp TV Arabia Opens New Consumer Channels for Imcon’s Proprietary Immediate Connectivity Solution

Atlanta, July 10, 2019 — Imcon International Inc., the developer of the Internet Backpack, an immediate connectivity solution that allows users to be able to communicate from almost any location on the planet, has partnered with Dropp TV Arabia in a deal that will proactively market its proprietary technology direct-to-consumers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dropp TV Arabia will market and distribute a customized consumer version of Imcon’s Internet Backpack. Included in the agreement is a media and advertising campaign that includes exposure on multiple billboards in New York’s Time Square, as well as celebrity and influencer endorsements. Imcon will be responsible for providing an e-commerce platform and order fulfillment. Dropp TV Arabia retains exclusive distribution rights for the Gulf Coast Cooperative countries, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Internet Backpack was featured July 2 at the IPSO Munich trade fair, the largest trade show for sports professionals showcasing the latest sports products. The unit was on display there at the Dropp TV booth. There will also be a Dropp TV channel for the product. Dropp provides a platform that connects brands directly and instantly with their consumers through its proprietary technology that seamlessly allows content to be shoppable.

Imcon’s Internet Backpack is deployed with cutting edge VMware software Workspace ONE cloud applications, enabling users to have access to any application, anywhere, on any device, on any cloud.

While the backpack has always been available to consumers, Imcon has targeted its initial efforts on institutional, non-profit and government sectors across the globe. This has resulted in multiple high profile and far reaching worldwide agreements, including recently announced partnerships in Africa and Latin America and India and Oceania. Imcon has also provided the Internet Backpack to emergency services and first responders in North America.

“The Internet Backpack is a solution with multiple applications for a range of end users,” said Imcon CEO Rob Loud. “Now that we have demonstrated our ability to connect large numbers of individuals in remote communities in distant parts the world, the timing is ideal to offer our solution directly to consumers – adventurers, extreme athletes and those simply off the grid or inaccessible. Dropp TV Arabia is the perfect partner to help us execute this next iteration of our business strategy. We are excited to partner with them and continue to lead the way in connecting the world.”

“Through its partnerships with its large public and private institutional customers, Imcon has repeatedly demonstrated the Internet Backpack’s extreme versatility, reliability and cross-functionality,” added Dropp TV Arabia President Faisal Monai. “This is truly a groundbreaking technology and we are excited to help now bring it to consumers. We anticipate tremendous user demand and an accelerating economy of scale as the Backpack is integrated into markets around the world.”

About Imcon

Imcon International, Inc., is an immediate connectivity solutions provider with the ability to provide mobile Internet connections on over 90% of the globe. The Internet Backpack is a remote connectivity solution which allows users to be able to communicate and have computing resources from almost every location on the planet. The Internet Backpack also allows users to create internal wireless networks with large coverage areas. Imcon is developing edgeware solutions providing users the ability to harness the power of the Internet in the most remote places and extreme of conditions. Please visit http://imconintl.com for more information.

About Dropp

Dropp unleashes the power of the creator through an innovative blend of art and e-commerce creating a new mode of digital interaction, which allows creators to monetize their videos through the patented See it. Want it. Get it. Advanced A.I. video technology. Dropp’s creator first empowering model disrupts retail and video paradigms, inspires multifaceted community-based revenue and invigorates the cultural energy behind all commerce.


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