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Imcon International Inc. Partners with GPost Corporation America for Integration of GPost Intelligent Messaging Platform into the Imcon Internet Backpack Solution

Crisis Communications: Making Critical Connections During a Pandemic

Imcon International Inc., the developer of the Internet Backpack, executed an agreement with GPost Corporation America to partner their innovative solutions to solve emerging emergency response challenges.  The Internet Backpack will support the GPost intelligent emergency messaging platform in order to deliver an integrated solution capable of operating in the most demanding environments.

Imcon International was born out of the need for delivering instant solutions during emergency situations and communication outages.  The self-sustaining Internet Backpack was developed to immediately establish an Internet presence regardless of location.  The Backpack can connect with virtually any communications or network capability and run indefinitely with its internal-generating power source; giving it the ability to deliver critical services for the duration of virtually any emergency circumstance.  Adding GPost Corporation America’s messaging platform to the Backpack provides an innovative, interoperable means of rapidly formatting and distributing critical information to all involved in an emergency.

 “Imcon continually evaluates and looks for new and inventive ways to improve the Internet Backpack.  This includes integrating new apps that add compelling value to the user experience.  GPost gives Imcon the ability to offer a ‘closed-loop’ communications system for its users anywhere on the globe,” stated Rob Loud, CEO of Imcon International Inc.  “We are truly excited to work with an innovator such as GPost.  The pairing of the Internet Backpack along with the GPost app will allow our users to create the means to rapidly share vital information based upon factors such as geographic location, team dynamics, and agency coordination.”

“I’m really excited about this partnership with GPost Corporation,” said Dr. Dale Meyerrose, Imcon President and Chairman of the Board.  “This arrangement creates the innovation that we envisioned as we were developing the technology that underpins the Internet Backpack,” he stated.  “In times of emergencies, like the on-going, rapid spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, when time is of the essence, the anytime-anywhere, instant-on capabilities presented by this teaming arrangement could save uncountable lives.”   

Tracy Allan, President and CEO of GPost Corporation America stated, “The GPost team is thrilled about our partnership with Imcon and are eager to bring this collaboration forward to our universe. The recent fires in Australia truly illustrated the need for a connectivity solution after the cell tower infrastructure failed, as the fires destroyed towers. Imcon is that solution and coupled with the GPost platform now provides an instant, tiered, intelligent messaging capability. Our current messaging technology is only adding to stress and confusion as the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the robust solutions offered by Imcon and GPost are even more relevant now.”

About Imcon International

Imcon International, Inc., is an immediate connectivity solutions provider with the ability to provide mobile Internet connections on over 90% of the globe. The Internet Backpack is a remote connectivity solution which allows users to be able to communicate and have computing resources from almost every location on the planet. The Internet Backpack also allows users to create internal wireless networks with large coverage areas. Imcon is developing Edge Connectivity Solutions providing users the ability to harness the power of the Internet in the most remote places and extreme of conditions or where Internet communication has been disrupted. Please visit http://imconintl.com for more information.

About GPost Corporation America

GPost brings more compelling connections between us, our loved ones, and those who have information about events that directly affect our lives. The GPost is a globally patented, intelligent messaging platform designed to activate more intentional responses and enhancing security by connecting relevant people during a potential crisis based on geography. GPost solves most problems associated with current messaging technology, empowering agencies charged with distributing alerts an ability to send relevant alerts to the area directly affected by the event. So, if you or your loved ones are in the affected area, you will be notified immediately. All while maintaining the most effective closed-loop communication available to you and your group.  Please visit https://www.GPost.com/ for more information.


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