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Imcon International Inc. Announces Sale of Internet Backpacks to New York City and New York Public Schools

Imcon and Partner One Planet Education Network (OPEN) Begin Connecting Classrooms Around the World for Project Based Learning Programs.

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2018 / Imcon International Inc. through its education partner, OPEN (One Planet Education Network) has sold and implemented Internet Backpacks in multiple New York City public schools, specifically in the Bronx, Brooklyn, as well as Syracuse, NY.

The Internet Backpack platform provides connectivity from New York City and Syracuse, NY classrooms to schools in USA and internationally that have little or no Internet. The versatile Backpack also serves as a mobile classroom, which remotely accesses and transmits data from any Internet of Things (IoT) sensor system to Cloud-resident servers for students and professional scientists for later retrieval and data analysis. The deployed Internet Backpacks in US-based schools will also be connected CO2 IoT monitoring systems that will register atmospheric levels of this potent gas in US-city settings to compare to readings in other cities around the world, as well as CO2 sensors our DR Congo (DRC) students will soon be deploying adjacent to an active volcano.

“We are on an epic journey. There is a major paradigm shift now taking place in education in the US and worldwide. Internet of Things will have millions of applications for our societies. And led by the work and education technologies of OPEN and Imcon International, facilitated by well-trained STEM educators, our children will be well-prepared for the ubiquitous IoT and Blockchain-managed decentralized Internet. Internet 3.0 is near upon us. Stay tuned teachers and administrators,” said Dr. Wednaud J. Ronelus, NY City STEM Educator/STEM Educational Research Scientist.

On May 4th, 2018, Imcon Internet Backpack connected students and government officials in Monrovia, Liberia in real-time across 3 Continents to schools in New York City (Bronx) and to Scientists in Amsterdam. The Imcon Internet Backpack provided the hour and a half connection for multiple users including the live video session. The Backpack effectively demonstrated its capabilities to connect remote rural schools with little or no electricity by powering all local devices during an extended power failure at the host school site without interruption.

On May 21, 2018, select NYC schools, a Syracuse-based elementary school along with schools in Liberia and Haiti will participate in a groundbreaking International Distance Learning event via Skype. The event hosted by Imcon International and OPEN will feature students guided by local volcanologists in the DRC deploying the first of many IoT volcano sensor network devices at an active volcano.

In preparation for this event students from seven countries have studied OPEN programs to learn about new Internet of Things technologies and systems for applications that will help for their future careers and for their communities. Other systems and community service programs underway across OPEN and Imcon’s seven country network include sustainable agriculture and forestry, beginning soon in the West Kenya farm region of Bungoma County, and soon after the Sapo National Park rainforest in Liberia.

Imcon International Inc. CEO Rob Loud stated, “I am thrilled with the deployments of Imcon’s Internet Backpacks in multiple African countries along with several schools in the New York City area. It is exciting to imagine the possibilities for the students at these schools to have real-time Internet access and the ability to connect with students around the world. This is a fantastic first step at our goal of bringing the Internet and educational opportunities to students throughout the world!”

Stay tuned to the OPEN and Imcon Website for further updates and videos of the upcoming May 21st event. For more information visit oneplaneteducation.com, write info@oneplaneteducation.com, or call +1 617 818-7514.

About Imcon International Inc.

Imcon International, Inc., is an immediate connectivity solutions provider. We build mobile platforms that connect to a broad range of current and next generation networks in stressed environments or remote locations. Imcon also integrates a wide range of Internet of Things devices that require connections in distant locales.

About OPEN (One Planet Education Network)

OPEN’s mission is to promote scientific and technological literacy to best prepare young students for the global challenges ahead. These include the modernization of critical infrastructure, sustainable community development, environmental remediation, the impacts of Biotechnology/Neuroscience/AI/robotics, and commercialization and colonization of space. We prepare the global community of learners for the realities of the 21st-century workplace and world, so they can help us resolve the major challenges confronting civilization.

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SOURCE: Imcon International Inc.

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