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Cradlepoint Has Long Helped First Responders with Reliable Connectivity in Vehicles and Beyond

Cradlepoint has long helped first responders with reliable connectivity in vehicles and beyond

Cradlepoint is well known for network solutions designed to utilize LTE cellular networks for connectivity. These solutions are optimized for speed, simplicity, scale, and security, which has been important as Cradlepoint has helped government agencies and first responders during the COVID-19 crisis.

First responders are familiar with Cradlepoint’s ruggedized mobile solutions providing connectivity in command vehicles, fire apparatuses, ambulances, and police cruisers. However, there are many additional uses for LTE-enabled routers that are proving to be invaluable for government agencies and first responders on the front lines during the COVID-19 response.

When a large cruise ship was disembarking passengers who had contracted coronavirus, Cradlepoint products allowed federal agencies to connect devices such as patient-worn armband RF scanners, PCs, and patient tracking systems. When quarantine facilities on an Air Force base needed to be set up quickly, Cradlepoint products provided Internet connectivity to those manning the facility and providing healthcare. And, in pop-up testing facilities around the world, Cradlepoint solutions enable the connectivity that ensures medical testing, diagnostics, and treatment systems data flows securely.

Cradlepoint and First Responders in the Field

IoT-Enabled Backpacks

Imcon International’s self-contained Internet backpacks offer the mobility and flexibility to connect first responders and others in stressed environments and remote locations across the globe. These backpacks come with a variety of technology tools including a battery, foldable solar panel, adapters, and satellite connectivity devices. Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for IoT provides the all-in-one edge routing solution that supports dual-modem cellular-based broadband, satellite, Wi-Fi, and GPS — providing emergency specialists and others in the field with Internet access that always works.

Telemedicine Toolkits in Ambulances

The University of Virginia Health System deploys telemedicine toolkits with Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for Mobile in ambulances. The toolkit, with telehealth capabilities, links field emergency professionals to the UVA emergency room while victims are being transported via ambulance. Getting a neurological assessment started en route can save lives and prevent paralysis, speech, vision problems, and permanent disability.

Pop-Up Wi-Fi and Mobile Command Centers

FLYMOTION mobile drone command and control vehicles serve as home base for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, enabling live video acquisition, management, and distribution. The company also extends its services outside the vehicles through Mission Cases, which are ruggedized mobile connectivity solutions for connecting anything requiring Internet access in pop-up locations and mobile command centers. Cradlepoint’s high-performance LTE-enabled solutions keep FLYMOTION and agencies connected during emergencies.

Incident Management in Emergency Command Center

After Hurricane Michael, a category 5 hurricane, the State Fire Marshal’s Incident Management Team was able to quickly set up the Gulf County Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and immediately begin calling in resources. They utilized Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service with FirstNet Ready Cradlepoint LTE routers for both the EOC and surrounding tent areas. The solution provided a fast, reliable network connection, allowing numerous agencies and first responders to hit the ground running to help affected citizens.

Cradlepoint Solutions Can Help Today

The organizations profiled above all depend on Cradlepoint wireless networking solutions. Cradlepoint can ship directly to an end users’ location within 24 hours; each router is preregistered within NetCloud Manager, and a cellular SIM can be included for instant activation and installation upon arrival. NetCloud Manager facilitates zero-touch deployments, remote configuration, software updates, performance and security monitoring, and maintenance without needing expertise in cellular technology or in building large scale networks.

Cradlepoint endpoints are LTE-enabled enterprise-class routers featuring built-in Wi-Fi, active GPS, security features, and support for FirstNet. Options are available with Gigabit-Class LTE to ensure the fastest possible cellular connection; dual LTE modems with wireless SD-WAN functionality for link redundancy and traffic load balancing; and unified edge security with VPN, firewall, IPS/IDS, and Internet content filtering.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution Packages include:

  • Cloud management
  • Purpose-built hardware
  • Comprehensive 24×7 support
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Online training

Cradlepoint’s Emergency Network Response Resources

Cradlepoint stands ready to lend cellular wireless networking expertise to organizations in need of assistance in these unprecedented times. For more instruction on networking best practices for common use cases, visit our COVID-19 response hub.

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